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National Association of Manufacturers Monday Economic Report: June 29, 2015
Last week, there were several reminders that the manufacturing sector has not recovered fully from economic weaknesses earlier in the year, even as business leaders remain cautiously optimistic about activity in the coming months. Read more ...

Manufacturers' Outlook Survey - Second Quarter 2015
The results indicate the manufacturing economy is growing, but at a much slower pace than the more robust levels experienced just a few months ago. The results also serve as an indicator of continued economic and political headwinds that manufacturers face. Find out more about the numbers and what they mean by visiting the survey's new landing page.


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France Recreates Tall Wooden Warship That Launched USA

A detailed wood replica of the Hermione, an 18th Century French warship that was instrumental in defeating the British during the American Revolution, has harbored in New York City. The ship is a copy of the original which carried General Lafayette to the aid of the colonies in 1780 as they battled England.

The 213-foot long replica of the Hermione, which required lumber from 3,000 oak trees, carried its crew of 80 in period dress into New York City for the Fourth of July weekend, following visits to Baltimore and Philadelphia. More than 400,000 individual wood and metal components when into the project. 

See a slideshow of the Hermione construction scenes

A cannon fired a salute to celebrate the occasion, though most of the cannons on board are dummies. While the original 18th century crew numbered more than 240, the replica Hermione's 80 does include a carpenter.

The project began 17 years ago by an international non-profit established for the project. Sponsors include Air France, Michelin and Moet Hennessy, as well as U.S> sponsors incuding the Daughters of the American Revolution. The committee effort was chaired by Henry Kissinger.

The Hermione is a 12-pounder Concorde class frigate - the 12 referring to the size of its 24 guns. It was completed in Rochefort by the Asselin organization in 2014. It is a reproduction of the 1779 Hermione which achieved fame by ferrying General Lafayette to the United States in 1780 to allow him to rejoin the American side in the American Revolutionary War.

"Twenty years ago, a small group dreamed of reconstructing an exact replica of General Lafayette’s 18th-century ship, and the project was launched. Today, the majestic vessel is the largest and most authentically built Tall Ship in the last 150 years," says the group of its effort. "The Hermione set sail from France, launching an adventure that comes to the USA in the summer of 2015 for an unprecedented voyage."


While traditional construction methods were used, modern power tools were substituted for the period tools on some jobs, according to Wikipedia. While the original ship 11 months to build, this project consumed nearly two decades. 

English plans of a sister ship, Concorde were used. The cost was estimated to be $22 million. Original plans were modified for strength and safety: planks were bolted rather than pegged, the intent being to avoid movement during the long period of construction. Mast sections were fastened with glue rather than metal hoops used in the 18th century, to avoid water penetration. Other concessions to modern requirements are a generator for lighting; synthetic fabric to make the sales easier to haul; and an engine for use in safety maneuvers. 



Posted: 07/04/2015

Hardwood Checkoff Opponents Win Delay for More Comments

WASHINGTON - Following a request by Hardwood Checkoff opponents, the woodworking industry now has until Sept. 7 to submit comments on the proposed program. Hardwood Checkoff would set a tax on lumber producers to help promote wood sales, similar to the "Got Milk?" and "Pork: The Other White Meat" ad programs. Some timber and lumber producers do not want to see the program launched. 

The USDA said the 60-day extension will allow "additional time for industry stakeholders and others to review the  supplemental notices and provide feedback" on the proposed Hardwood Lumber and Hardwood Plywood Promotion, Research and Information Order (79 FR 68298). Notice of the extension was listed in the July 1 Federal Register.

The extension was requested by the U.S. Hardwood Industry Coalition, which opposes the checkoff. In a statement, the group's co-chairmen, Jeff Hanks and Jeff Edwards, said, "We are grateful for USDA's decision to extend the comment period as the supplemental notice provides additional complexity to the proposed checkoff program and differs substantially from the original proposal issued in 2013.”

Amendments to the program were published last month in the Federal Register. They include:

• "Substitute the term 'manufactured' for the term 'produced' and omit the phrase 'within the United States'" to clarify that "the Board's review is on covered hardwood manufactured, and that the review is not limited to sales within the United States."

• Clarify the eligibility requirements by changing the phrase: “nominees must have annual sales of more than $2 million of covered hardwood lumber or have annual sales of more than $10 million of hardwood plywood per fiscal year” to “nominees must have annual sales of $2 million or more of hardwood lumber, hardwood products, and hardwood value-added products, or have annual sales of $10 million or more of hardwood plywood per fiscal year.”

• A similar clarification of the exemption thresholds to:  “Hardwood lumber manufacturers who received an exemption certificate from the Board but have annual sales of $2 million or more or hardwood plywood manufacturers that have annual sales of $10 million or more during the fiscal year.”

• Adding the abbreviation "KD" to the term kiln dried to clarify the abbreviation.

The proposed Hardwood Checkoff program was first published in the Federal Register in November 2013, and revised in the spring of 2014. The program has received its share of controversy, with wood industry groups for and against the checkoff voicing their views.

Under the Hardwood Checkoff proposal, as posted in the Federal Register, funding for the program would come from sawmills producers and kiln operating facilities with annual sales in excess of $2 million. These companies would be required to pay $1 per $1,000 on sales on the raw product. Value-added – though still considered unfinished – products, such as unfinished strip flooring, mouldings, dimensioned components, S4S, etc., will also be subject to a checkoff fee, but at a reduced rate of $0.75 per $1,000 in sales. Hardwood plywood mills with annual sales in excess of $10 million would pay $3 per 1,000 square feet of production; companies would be given a “credit” for lumber purchases, which is deducted from their fee.

If the proposal passes, it would be the second checkoff in the woodworking industry, and the first for hardwood; passed in 2011, the softwood industry's Softwood Lumber Board promotes the usage and benefits of softwood lumber products in outdoor, residential and non-residential construction.

Posted: 07/02/2015


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Cabinet Vision set to showcase the ‘Vortek Experience’

Cabinet Vision will feature the Vortek visualization tool for cabinet and closet manufacturers at the 2015 AWFS fair in Las Vegas.

Posted: 07/02/2015

From floor to ceiling, Cefla has a finishing solution

Cefla North America will bring a variety of leading-edge coating and finishing technologies to booth No. 9511 at the 2015 AWFS fair.

Posted: 07/02/2015


Current News:

The Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America (WMMA) has announced the winner of its Ralph B. Baldwin Award, the association's highest honor. The award was presented to John Schultz, past president of the Association. Announcement of the award was made at the Woodworking Industry Conference (WIC), which took place at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas. Full information is available here.

IWF: And the Final Numbers Are...

The final numbers for IWF 2014 are in, and they're nothing short of phenomenal. The total at-show attendance (all days) was 23,463, which broke down as follows:
Attendance (General):
Verified: Advance-Registered: 7,422
Verified: On-site Registered (includes press, speakers, students): 6,915
Unspecified: 63
Total Verified Buyers: 14,400
Exhibiting Personnel: 9,063

Mark your calendar for the next IWF, August 24-27, 2016, and get ready for your own impressive numbers.

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ANSI Update
A revision of the ANSI standard O1.1-1, entitled 01.1-1 (2015) Safety Requirements for Fixed Angle Jump Saws, has been published is available for purchase through the ANSI e-standard store. WMMA Members are entitled to receive one complimentary copy of the standard per company upon request. Click here if you are interested in receiving a copy of the standard.

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