September 14-17, 2015
WMMA Board/Committee Meetings & DC Fly In
Arlington, VA
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April 12-15, 2016
Woodworking Industry Conference (WIC)
CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort
Cancun, Mexico


National Association of Manufacturers Monday Economic Report: July 20, 2015
In her semiannual congressional testimony last week, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen noted recent progress in the U.S. economy, even as she observed lingering challenges with manufacturing output. Read more ...

Manufacturers' Outlook Survey - Second Quarter 2015
The results indicate the manufacturing economy is growing, but at a much slower pace than the more robust levels experienced just a few months ago. The results also serve as an indicator of continued economic and political headwinds that manufacturers face. Find out more about the numbers and what they mean by visiting the survey's new landing page.


Woodworking Network
Myanmar Frees 153 Chinese Loggers Sentenced to Life

MYANMAR -  Myanmar has freed 153 Chinese facing life sentences for illegal logging.  Their release was part of a larger presidential amnesty deal which freed close to 7,000 prisoners.

Last week's sentencing strained the country's relation with neighboring China. News reports say a life sentence like that given to the 153 loggers, is typically equal to 20 years. An additional two Chinese loggers, both said to be minors, were given 10 years.

The Chinese loggers were arrested in January during a military operation in Myanmar’s Kachin state which is near the Chinese border. According to news reports, more than 1,600 logs were seized during the raid. Rich in teak and rosewood forests, Myanmar banned timber exports from its country last year.

A 2014 report by Environmental Investigation Agency highlighted the widespread corruption in the country's logging. "Data Corruption: Exposing the True Scale of Logging in Myanmar," claimed 72 percent of log shipments from 2000-2013 were unauthorized and unrecorded — a value of $5.7 billion.

Posted: 07/30/2015

Wood-Based Biofuels Help FedEx Fly

FORT COLLINS, CO - Wood-based biofuels will be used to fuel FedEx jets within two years following an agreement between Red Rock Biofuels LLC and FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. Red Rock said it will produce approximately 3 million gallons of low-carbon, renewable jet fuel per year for the company, with the first delivery of the seven-year contract set to start in 2017. 

Red Rock’s first refinery is scheduled to break ground this fall in Lakeview, OR. and will convert approximately 140,000 dry tons of woody biomass into 15 million gallons per year of renewable jet, diesel and naphtha fuels. The refinery was funded in part by a $70 million Title III DPA grant from the U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Energy and Navy.

IR1 Group is a partner with Red Rock Biofuel for the construction of its biofuel refinery.  

 In 2014, Southwest Airlines agreed to purchase approximately 3 million gallons per year of Red Rock’s low carbon, renewable jet fuel. Earlier this year Red Rock Biofuels received venture capital funding from Flagship Ventures. 

“As we look to break ground on our refinery in the coming months, we’re thrilled to have signed a contract with FedEx as they look to diversify their fuel supply and reduce emissions throughout their aviation unit,” said Terry Kulesa, co-founder and CEO of Red Rock. “With our total jet fuel capacity now sold to FedEx and Southwest Airlines, we are building a suite of powerful, global customers that continue to commit to the future of alternative fuels in a market where oil prices are low, providing true validation of our business model and mission.” 

Red Rock takes waste biomass from forests and sawmills, and using a proprietary process, transforms it into domestically produced jet, diesel and naphtha fuels. The company’s process begins with the gasification of woody biomass to produce syngas, which is then cleaned and sent to a Fischer-Tropsch unit where it is converted to a high grade, renewable syncrude. Finally, standard upgrading refines the syncrude to yield renewable jet, diesel and naphtha fuels which provide a lower carbon, cost competitive alternative to crude oil-based fuels


Posted: 07/30/2015


Woodworking Magazine for the Professional Woodworker | Woodshop News
Post-processor software provides the final kick

When starting in the digital fabrication world, there are many pieces — both hardware and software — that are obvious. Eventually you’ll discover other sophisticated technology that affects performance.

Posted: 05/18/2015

Easy digital shortcuts are worth the time and money

Many woodworkers are intimidated by digital fabrication, scared away by the prices of hardware and software components and the amount of training required. But there are some inexpensive shortcuts.

Posted: 07/20/2015


Current News:

The Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America (WMMA) has announced the winner of its Ralph B. Baldwin Award, the association's highest honor. The award was presented to John Schultz, past president of the Association. Announcement of the award was made at the Woodworking Industry Conference (WIC), which took place at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas. Full information is available here.

IWF: And the Final Numbers Are...

The final numbers for IWF 2014 are in, and they're nothing short of phenomenal. The total at-show attendance (all days) was 23,463, which broke down as follows:
Attendance (General):
Verified: Advance-Registered: 7,422
Verified: On-site Registered (includes press, speakers, students): 6,915
Unspecified: 63
Total Verified Buyers: 14,400
Exhibiting Personnel: 9,063

Mark your calendar for the next IWF, August 24-27, 2016, and get ready for your own impressive numbers.

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ANSI Update
A revision of the ANSI standard O1.1-1, entitled 01.1-1 (2015) Safety Requirements for Fixed Angle Jump Saws, has been published is available for purchase through the ANSI e-standard store. WMMA Members are entitled to receive one complimentary copy of the standard per company upon request. Click here if you are interested in receiving a copy of the standard.

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