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International Business Development Committee

Chairman: Mike Harris
Vice Chair: Jeff Hatch


The Committee serves to encourage and assist all members to successfully export, to increase export sales of those already exporting, and to take advantage of international business opportunities to strengthen their market positions in the U.S. and overseas.

An Overview of Programs and Services

Export Trade Certificate
The WMMA-sponsored ETC allows members to work together on foreign projects which might normally be hindered by the bounds of Anti-Trust guidelines. The Certificate is updated annually per U.S. Departments of Commerce and Justice regulations.Under the protective umbrella of the ETC, firms that are listed under the certificate can join together to reduce export-related costs and/or increase the effectiveness in export operations. Examples of activities that can be initiated with a competitor company listed under the WMMA Certificate include joint bidding and selling arrangements; joint pricing policies and; service and promotional activities.

Trade Fairs
The Committee has organized pavilions and/or exhibits in trade fairs each year (1) as a means of reducing the cost and increasing the value to member firms; (2) to learn more about developing woodworking markets for the benefit of all members; (3) to market member products by distributing the WMMA Product Locator as well as consulting with overseas buyers, and; (4) as a way of supporting member exposure to new markets through low cost sharing of the WMMA stand. Participation in trade fairs is based on member participation and financial contribution.

Committee Members

Steve Carter
Doug Collver
Bert Kleiser
Alyson Onsrud
Todd Phalen
John Schultz

Dennis Smith
Russ Suor
Thomas Tuck
Allen Turk
Harry Urban
Paul Wilmes

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